Which Are The Top Electric Cars Of India Of 2021

In today’s time, the prices of diesel and petrol in India are increasing every day. Traveling by train or bus, now there are very few people who travel by their own car. If we talk about middle class people, then those people also suffer a lot due to the prices of petrol and diesel today.

Inflation has increased so much in time that people suffer every day, the inflation has increased so much in buying goods, but there is no increase in the income of the people, due to this people also have trouble in running their family expenses. has been

Today, in this article, we are going to tell all of you what vehicles you should buy because of the rising prices of petrol and diesel. If you have to travel far, then it costs a lot, so do all the people. In today’s time only electric vehicles are being bought, many people have bought electric vehicles and many companies have also launched their electric vehicles.

Why electric cars are better than diesel or petrol cars

It costs less and you can easily move from one place to another. If you compare an electric car with a diesel or a petrol vehicle, then you will find that the cost of moving from one place to another is many times less than the cost of a diesel and petrol car, in an electric vehicle today’s electric.

The car is so modern that they have many times faster speed than petrol and diesel vehicles. Today’s world has so many models and updates that people do not have any need to rely on diesel and petrol anymore. Diesel and petrol you Everyone must know that there is a natural flower which we get by nature and it is limited.

That means in the coming few years it will be completely finished, then how people will travel from one place to another, then this is the solution. If more and more people use electric cars. So they can travel very easily from one place to another without any problem and they will cost much less.
Best electric cars in India in 2021
In comparison of petrol and electric vehicles, the weight of diesel and petrol vehicles is very high, only the difference is in the engine petrol. And diesel cars have different engines which are very heavy but if we talk about electric vehicles then.

They only need one motor and battery which makes the vehicle much lighter, due to which the speed of the vehicle is manifold, and travels for more kilometers in a single charge. Electricity is considered to be the best because it is environmentally friendly, it does not pollute our environment, if we see.

then petrol and diesel take out a lot of time, which causes a lot of damage to the environment, it also spreads many diseases. If all people start using electric cars, then our environment will start getting much healthier, we will start getting much cleaner air. This is the way to buy and use the most electric cars.

Top 4 India’s best electric car in 2021

1.Tata Nexon EV

India’s largest automobile company, whose name is Tata Motors, has extracted the best electric car from it, whose name is Tata Nexon Electric Vehicle, which is considered to be the best electric car with the lowest budget, so it is at number one in our today’s Hisar Diesel. If we talk about it.

then its battery gets fully charged in about 8 hours and it gives a mileage of 312 kilometers at a time and its speed becomes more than 120 kilometers per hour if we use the battery of this vehicle. Talking about it, its battery is 30 point 2 kW and its price is around 14 lakh to 17 lakh.


Our next car is considered to be the best car of Indian automobile and the first electric car. This car is the first electric car of MG Motor and it is one of the top 10 auto vehicle companies. The battery of this car is about 6 to 8 hours.

It takes full charge and its battery is 44 points 5 kW and this car runs up to 340 kilometers after full charge once, its speed reaches 140 kilometers per hour and its cost is about 21 lakh to 2500000 Up to Rs.

3.hyundai Kona electric car

This vehicle was launched in India in 2019, it is considered to be the most expensive car of Hyundai company, which is also very strong. The battery of this car gets fully charged in about 6 hours and its battery is 39.2 kW r, its mileage is about 1.5 and 400. kilometers and its speed is more than 167 kilometers per hour, if we talk about the price of this vehicle, then this vehicle comes in between 2400000 to 2500000..

4.mahindra e verito

You must have heard the name of Mahindra company, it is considered to be the best automobile company in India. Mahindra has also launched an electric version of its vehicles. Mahindra company’s electric vehicles are being bought a lot and most of them are The vehicles have been bought as government vehicles and many of these vehicles have also been preferred for taxi service.

The battery of these companies gets fully charged in 11 to 12 hours and the battery is 28kW r on December 21. Its mileage is 181 km and its speed is considered to be 86 km per hour and its price ranges from 1000000 to ₹ 1200000.
So friends, how did you all like this article today, in which we have told you about the best electric cast in India, if you liked the information made today, then you can share this information with as many people as possible.

Electric vehicles are considered to be the best in terms of cleanliness and cleanliness, because they do not cause pollution and our environment remains clean, so you guys also buy electric vehicles, electric vehicles are the best compared to petrol and diesel vehicles.

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