Prep Up Your Skin And Hair For Valentines Day | V-Day Expert Tips

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and you must be pretty excited about planning your outfit for the dinner date. Apart from a trendy dress and accessories, your radiant skin and beautiful smile is what would leave your date mesmerized on the V-day.
With less than a week to go, here is a simple schedule to follow to get a clear and even-toned complexion:
Exfoliate Your Skin : To remove dead skin cells and dirt accumulated on your skin surface, exfoliate your skin with Bio Papaya scrub on alternate days for a week to remove embedded impurities and unclog pore openings. 
Also, use a loofah daily and wash your body with Bio Honey Cream body wash to revitalize skin, remove dead layers of skin and get a fairer and fresh body finish.
Use Sun Protection : Extreme exposure to sun can cause sunburn and tan which may take many weeks to repair. Therefore, apply Bio Carrot sunscreen daily to keep your skin protected from harmful UV rays and keep it soft and smooth before your V-Day date. 
Get a Pedicure : Long working hours and travel can take a lot of toll on your feet and make them very rough. Get a relaxing pedicure done and use Bio Costus foot cream daily to moisturize rough heels and make way to smooth, beautiful feet which would look good in the stunning footwear you are planning to wear for the date.
 Apply an attractive nailpaint matching to your outfit on the day of your date to prevent any chipping.
Treat Dark Circles : Dark circles and puffiness around the eye area can spoil your face’s beauty. We recommend applying Bio Almond eye cream daily overnight to brighten eye contours and fade away dark circles.
Style Your Hair Wisely : If you are planning to style your hair before the date, avoid using extreme heat on your hair which can weaken the hair follicles and cause damage. Use Bio Wave styling gel which is a 100% Ayurvedic styling product that will help you get the desired look and get a gorgeous mane.
Get an Instant Glow : More than anything else it is important that you look fresh and glowing on the V-Day. And to achieve that radiant complexion, we recommend using Bio Fruit pack followed by Bio Dandelion serum, which you should apply on the morning of 14th February to get an instant glow and brighter skin.
Following these simple tips, donning your best attire and getting a natural look by just highlighting your lips with Bio Berry lip balm will give you a stunning appeal without looking over-the-top for the V-day.

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