How To Get Beautiful Eyes With Kajal

Kohl or Kajal is one beauty product which is all you need to give a glamorous look to your eyes and look beautiful instantly. And most of us were introduced to Kajal in our early ages only through our mothers and grandmothers who not only applied Kajal for beautifying eyes but also because of its other benefits.

Kajal is not only popular in India but also in other parts of the world, especially Egypt, Africa and the Middle East. If you are looking for a natural Kohl, then Bio Kaajal by Biotique is the perfect pick as it is made in a traditional Ayurvedic manner and contains almond oil that conditions and nourishes your eyes. Bio Kaajal is also rich in natural ingredients like pure sesame oil, and extracts of eclipta alba, indian gooseberry and berberis aristata that help promote eye lash growth.

Many people don’t know the correct way of applying a Kajal, so in this post we are going to cover few tips to make your eyes look pretty with Kohl :

  • Stand in front of a mirror, and use Bio Kaajal to apply a light line to the rims of your eye, from inner to outer corner and repeat this for both the eyes.
  • Depending upon your mood and outfit, you can go for a thin line or a smokey look. 
  • To achieve a smokey eye look with Bio Kaajal, apply a thin line on your lower lashline as described above. Then apply a thick line on the upper lashline and smudge it with your fingertip or a brush to achieve the desired look.
  • You can experiment with your kajal by going for a cat eye look. To achieve this look by drawing out a line on your lower or upper lashline and extending it upwards.  
  • A more popular trend these days to apply a Kajal is the Double Winged eye look in which you have to apply the kajal both on your upper and lower lashline. Extend the line on the upper lashline to create a high-flying wing and give a delicate downward curve to the line on the lower lashline.

If you want a natural look, just apply Bio Morning Nectar lotion on your face followed by a concealer and brighten your eyes with the Bio Kaajal. Go for a smokey eye look if you want your eyes to be the center of attention, but keep the rest of your makeup minimal by just adding a hint of color to your lips. Because area around the eye is really sensitive, make sure you don’t share your Kohl with anyone else as it may cause infection or irritation. Also, you should avoid applying any eye makeup if you are having an eye infection.  Make sure you remove all the eye and face makeup before you go to sleep with Bio Almond oil cleanser which is specially formulated to remove eye and face makeup.

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